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Demand for organic food continues to increase

11 Dec Demand for organic food continues to increase

Driven by a better informed public, the demand for organic foods and beverages is growing rapidly. In the United States, largest market in the world for this type of products, analysts foresee a continued growth of organic products demand. This optimistic growth outlook is based on...

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GoldFoods USA certifications

05 Dec Gold Foods USA certifications guarantee safety and quality

Gold Foods USA makes a difference because of its organic certifications. The term “organic certification” applies to the production process, and ensures that the product has been created and elaborated in a way that it doesn’t harm the environment.  Organic products are a trend in nowadays society and gradually becomes easier to find in the diet or in stores specialized in natural...

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Chia seeds health benefits

28 Nov The health benefits of chia seeds

No one can say that chia seeds are not a trend today. However, apart from the chia seeds consumption and use in social media by celebrities and healthy food lovers, chia seeds have many properties and benefits that would make you think about adding them to your diet.  Though Chia seeds were an important part of the Mayan...

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origin, evolution and future of chia seeds

20 Nov Origin, evolution and future of chia seeds

Chia seeds were first used back in 3500 B.C. in South and Central America. The name comes from the Mayan word "Chía", meaning strength. It is believed that Chia seeds were used by the Maya messengers, which could carry in a small bag enough chia seeds to feed...

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McDonalds quinoa salad

15 Dec McDonalds joins quinoa healthy food trend

Good and healthy news. Since August 2015 you can eat quinoa burguers in McDonalds. But unfortunately this only happens in Germany, where the fast-food chain launched its "Veggie Clubhouse", a vegetarian burgers made with quinoa. The target of McDonalds is to focus in the growing number...

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Black Friday Deals Countdown

19 Nov Black Friday Deals Countdown

Preferred Members Enjoy Pre-Shop Black Friday 20% Off Purchase Countdown to Black Friday Big savings, no waiting [caption id="attachment_5194" align="alignleft" width="141"] Black Friday Deals Countdown[/caption] ...

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Race Horses.

04 Nov Why chia seeds are good for horses?

Seeds are one of the most important ingredients in all equine feed. Whether you are a farmer or have a race horse with high muscle requirements, this product is in high demand in the pet and horse feed market. And you know what? Chia seeds...

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26 Oct GoldFoods en Hoy Los Angeles: Chía, un alimento ancestral

Os reproducimos un artículo muy interesante realizado por Mary Aviles y que se ha publicado en Hoy Los Angeles.  Este artículo está basado en una entrevista con Pablo Altamirano uno de los fundadores de Goldfoods [caption id="attachment_5162" align="alignleft" width="273"] GoldFoods en Hoy Los Angeles[/caption] La chía es un alimento...

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FireShot Screen Capture #055 - 'Securing long term supply key to success in chia, quinoa spheres, marketer says' - www_foodnavigator-usa_com_Suppliers2_Securing-long-term-supply-key-to-success-in-

14 Oct Goldfoods in Food

Here you have the Hank Schultz new article in Food Is a long conversation with Juan Pablo Altamirano, Goldfooods co-founder. In this they speak about supply fluctuations, markets, and the new aspects of grains. Read and share it! Securing long term supply key to success in chia, quinoa...

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