Why to eat quinoa instead of white rice

Quinoa vs. rice

16 Jan Why to eat quinoa instead of white rice

Almost everyone like rice, but white rice is not highly recommended in diets to lose weight, although the brown rice is recommended. 

When you start a diet, or you just want to eat healthier, you can take the brown one, or you can switch rice for quinoa. 

Quinoa is higher in fiber and protein than rice, and is essential for weight loss. 

Rice tend to make people gain weight, is a cereal with a high content of carbohydrates, a food that we shall not abuse, much less if what you want is to lose weight. If you decide to eat rice, the most recommended is the brown rice, since it contains fiber, is not refined and provides minerals and other nutrients. 

Quinoa as a substitute for rice 

Quinoa contains iron, proteins, quality fatty acids and lots of fiber. As this food greatly increases its size when boiled, a portion of 60 g will be more than enough. 

It has 8 humans essential amino-acids, which makes it a very complete food and easy to digest. Its main component are carbohydrates, represented mainly by starch. For this reason, quinoa is suitable for diabetics, since contains complex carbohydrates, people can assimilate it slowly without causing glucose peaks in the blood. 

Nutritional comparison: quinoa vs. rice. What is healthier? 

Quinoa has more calories than rice, but this is because it is rich in proteins and fats. It is particularly notable that quinoa has a high percentage of omega 3 fats. 

Rice has more carbohydrates than quinoa, but less fiber. Fiber slows the absorption of the carbohydrates and helps to avoid hyperglycemia. 

Quinoa is very rich in vegetable proteins. This makes it a very nutritious food, a reason why NASA recommends it to its astronauts. 

nutritional value rice quinoaBoth, rice and quinoa are gluten-free and are suitable for celiac people. 

Quinoa contains more fat than rice. This is because it has a very large germ or embryo. However, the germ accumulates nutrients such as essential fatty acids, folic acid, choline and vitamin. 

Quinoa is very rich in fiber. This makes it highly recommended to avoid constipation and, also, in diets for diabetes, menopause and weight loss. 

In minerals, quinoa is much higher than rice because it is a whole grain. Unlike white rice, quinoa contains more magnesium (more than legumes or any cereal), calcium and zinc. 

Magnesium, in particular, is a relaxing natural nutrient, for muscles and the mind, essential for athletes and people with stress. It is also part of the bones, and is recommended to combat osteoporosis, fatigue, arthritis and arthrosis. 


Ultimately, the benefits of quinoa lie in its balance nutritional benefits, in addition to the remarkable amount of protein provided, perfect for a vegan or vegetarian diet . From Gold Foods USA we invite everybody to introduce quinoa in your recipes!

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