Quick quinoa recipes to bring to work

Quick quinoa recipes to bring to work

04 Jan Quick quinoa recipes to bring to work

The versatility along with their properties make quinoa a perfect food being a basic for the preparation of your meal to bring to the office. The delicate flavor of this pseudo-cereal, in fact, allows some innumerable quinoa recipes that can challenge the creativity of the best chef.

You can search on Google quinoa recipes and you will find a thousand and thousands of recipes with this superfood with excellent nutritional properties. But don’t get scared because of the variety of quinoa dishes! If you are looking for a practical and quick way to cook a balanced and healthy dish to bring to the office, quinoa is an ingredient that you cannot miss.

Then Gold Foods USA offers some quinoa recipes and a few tricks to get the most benefits from this tiny superfood.

Quinoa with chicken

If you like meat and want to eat something more nourishing during the lunch break, this dish is perfect for you. One serving will need: 50 grams of Gold Foods USA boiled quinoa, 100 grams of diced chicken breast, chopped onion, the vegetables you like, olive oil, salt and spices.

How can you do it? Fry the onion and the chicken for 5 minutes in a pan with a tablespoon of oil and three tablespoons of water. Add salt and diced vegetables (like zucchini, green beans or green asparagus) and spices (like cumin, turmeric or the one you prefer). Then cover the pan and let it cook for 10 minutes at medium heat. Finally, add the Gold Foods USA quinoa and prepare your container to bring to work

Quinoa salad

The salads are more practical and, perhaps, amore healthy dish to bring to work. They allow you to eat properly without suffering the effects of a heavy meal. The ingredients of the salad must be properly chosen to ensure that your body get all the nutrients you need to face the rest of the day with energy. For a healthy and hearty salad, try to always add a good dose of proteins and vitamins into your recipe.

In your quinoa salad, you can mix the following ingredients: 50 g of Gold Foods USA boiled quinoa, 200 g of fresh or boiled seasonal vegetables and a small amount of any ingredient that is a source of mineral, salts and fatty acids (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, tofu or algae).

Sautéed quinoa with vegetables

This recipe is very easy and quick to prepare. You will just have to boil your portion of Gold Foods USA quinoa and the vegetables you love. Once washed and chopped, put the vegetables in a pan with a little olive oil, add the Gold Foods USA quinoa and a tablespoon of sesame seeds, algae or any dried fruit to make the recipe more complete and nutritious.

If you like quinoa, which of these recipes you’d take tomorrow to work?