Gold Foods USA certifications guarantee safety and quality

GoldFoods USA certifications

05 Dec Gold Foods USA certifications guarantee safety and quality

Gold Foods USA makes a difference because of its organic certifications. The term “organic certification” applies to the production process, and ensures that the product has been created and elaborated in a way that it doesn’t harm the environment. 

Organic products are a trend in nowadays society and gradually becomes easier to find in the diet or in stores specialized in natural products. 

When someone buys an organic product, it is important to consider the authenticity of its organic origin. There are different certifiers who are responsible for checking that a product has been produced under the set organic standards. 

These regulations establish that organic production is a system of agricultural management that combines, in an appropriate way, environmental management practices, the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources. These certifications also ensure that, in the area where products are produced, there is no risk of contamination of other crops, since they have a considerable distance and an implementation of fences to prevent contamination. 

Gold Foods USA complies with FDA regulations, and adhere to all labeling and registration requirements to protect products from bioterrorism. We also have all the necessary certifications to enter the United States wholesale market. Gold Foods USA provides professional organic certification services to the following standards and regulations: 

– CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards) offers certification for organic farming and food processing, for good agricultural and good manufacturing practices in the food industry, and for organic textiles and biofuels.  

  • CERES Certification Export JAS: The Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) System refers to the certification system to attach the JAS marks to the products inspected in accordance with the JAS established by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.  
  • CERES Organic EU: The European Union Council Regulation and the European Union Commission Regulation provide the basic rules and standards by defining objectives of organic farming and stablishing a clear framework of what can be considered “organic” and what must be considered as not compliant with the regulations. 
  • CERES Organic NOP: The National Organic Program (NOP) is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The National Organic Standard came into force in 2002. Any grower or handler who wants to sell organic products on the US market must be certified according to NOP by a USDA accredited certifier. Also suppliers of organic ingredients must be NOP certified. 


– IMO (Institute for Marketecology) is a leading provider for international inspection and certification services for recognized organic, ecological and social standards. 

  • IMO Organic EU and the IMO Organic NOP certification: The IMO Organic Standard combines the propositions and provisions of the said EU Regulations for certification of organic products and it adapts them for application in non-EU countries. The Standard establishes rules for organic production and its certification which are equivalent to the rules set by the Regulations of the European Union for operators within the European Union. 

Furthermore, Gold Foods USA is also Kosher and Halal certified, and they are working towards the Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan quality seals. 

Gold Foods USA process all seeds under strict quality control under ISO 22000, guaranteeing the quality of the seeds. Gold Foods USA also have the best storage facilities, using cold rooms with the latest technology to keep the seeds at optimum temperatures (6 º to 8 º C and 40% relative humidity). Thus, Gold Foods USA quality and safety throughout the year is guaranteed. 

Gold Foods USA: the caviar of seeds! 

Gold Foods USA Certifications