Gold Foods USA to Showcase its Line of Chia, Quinoa Products at Natural Products Expo West


01 abr Gold Foods USA to Showcase its Line of Chia, Quinoa Products at Natural Products Expo West

Miami – Gold Foods USA (www. will showcase its line of premium organic and natural chia and quinoa products for the first time at Natural Foods Expo West starting Wednesday in San Francisco. The Gold Foods USA will be at booth #5920 at the four-day trade event showcasing organic foods and products from around the U.S and the world. “Our line of products showcases chia seeds and quinoa at their purest. While many companies in the marketplace speed up the maturation process of these superfoods, Gold Foods works with farmers to ensure that its chia and quinoa are as close to what Mother Nature produces as possible,” says Maria Amparo Yuste, spokeswoman for Gold Foods USA. Gold Foods USA partners with farmers in the Santa Cruz region of Bolivia to harvest chia and quinoa. The subtropical climate of eastern Bolivia features limited rainfalls and warm temperatures practically year round. These conditions give the GoldFoods line of seeds many of their precious qualities including high amounts of omega 3 and omega 6. The company’s chia and quinoa are considered premium because farmers allow them to ripen natural. Other brands on the market often harvest crops before they’re ready and use artificial environments to advance the maturation process. “Chia and quinoa are the leading superfoods and to ensure their fullest nutritional benefits, our studies show they must remain clean and untouched by artificial methods.” Yuste said. Gold Foods USA is featured in the latest issue of Organic Wellness News. Unlike many companies that sell chia and quinoa, Gold Foods is one of the few that also manage and oversee the harvest, production and export of these highly sought-after superfoods. (Read the article now) The Gold Foods USA line of products to be on display is as follows:

  • GoldFoods Organic black and white chia
  • GoldFoods Natural black and white chia
  • GoldFoods Organic quinoa
  • GoldFoods Natural quinoa
  • GoldFoods Chia Pearls, a dietary supplement
  • GoldFoods Pink Salt
  • GoldFoods Fruit Powder

Visit the Gold Foods USA booth  #5920  to speak with representatives from the company. You can also contact Amparo Yuste,, or call 786-2861786.