Goldfoods: The Caviar Of Seeds


Expo East 2015, the place where doing business comes naturally, is becoming healthier and larger than ever and Goldfoods will be there for the second time with its new line of products. The Natural Products Expo East 2015 will be held at the Baltimore Convention...

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Back to school

19 Aug Back to school: Give your teacher chia cupcakes!

Now that school year is approaching, most of your children would like will you say thank you to his/her teacher. So, many parents will spend some time looking for inexpensive and meaningful gifts, and may be could go crazy thinking about the best present. [caption id="attachment_5118"...

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Ingredient trend: Chia flour

05 Aug Trends in ingredients: chia seeds

I'd like to share this article from International Supermarket News about trends and ingredients in foods. We wish you like it Whether for health or lifestyle reasons, more and more people are increasingly paying attention to the ingredients in their foods. Vegan cakes, lactose-free pastries, bread...

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Chia fields in Bolivia

19 Jun Chia boom. New studies and data

Welcome to the chia boom. This ancient grain is found in numerous products from cereal bars to pasta, nutrition supplements or yogurts. Chia is the new superfood, no doubt, and farmers know about it. We ensure that the family farms we work with use environmentally friendly...

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Chia desserts

11 Jun Most Popular Chia Desserts

As you know chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and minerals like calcium, manganese and phosphorus (all necessary for healthy bones and teeth), chia seeds are a healthy addition to your diet. They lower insulin resistance (main cause of PCOD...

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Yummy! Chia seeds cracker recipe. #Glutenfree with great attributes. Inspired by this video I made my own chia seed crackers, but a little different since I used an oven. I wanted to share with you. You need: Chia seeds and linseeds and a bit of salt. If...

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Something New

27 Apr Diets and cocktails Videos: Myths and Legends

This video is a graphic way to learn about what do you think about foods and diets. It is a good way to see which they are legends and which are true. She is Isabel de los Ríos. Really interesting 5 foods to never eat. We...

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Typical Hispanic Easter Dessert: Torrijas

01 Apr Traditional Hispanic Easter Dessert: Torrijas

Torrijas is a traditional sweet and typical Easter dessert . In these days, the main important ingredients are vegetables, stews, fish and sweets. Torrijas origin is in the convents of the Middle Ages, which was made to take advantage of this sweet bread leftover time later...

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